SEEAG’s Farm Lab

*At Petty Ranch Location

Student’s for Eco-Education & Agriculture (SEEAG) is the organizer of Ventura County Farm Day! Throughout the year SEEAG educations thousands of children about the farm origins of their food and their nutritional impact on their well being. SEEAG’s Farm Lab at Petty Ranch in Saticoy provides students with a hands-on learning experience by immersing them in a working farm. Field trip educators guide students through four stations equipped with STEM-integrated learning objectives that create a realistic understanding of the agricultural industry. This interactive three-hour excursion provides insight about current farming practices and opens students’ eyes to the science behind their food.

Come and take a tour of this impact field trip location and learn more about SEEAG’s mission! See you there!



11971 Darling Road

Saticoy, CA 93004


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