Ojai Olive Oil Company 

Ojai Olive Oil is a third-generation family owned and operated farm, having been home to many members of the Asquith family over the years. While Mary Jane Asquith was the first to settle in Ojai, it was her son Ronald Harold Asquith who first began producing olive oil. It was his discovery of a stunning grove of 150 year old olive trees very close to the original family farm that sparked the idea. He and his wife Alice Asquith found that despite being left completely untended for nearly a century, the trees were in remarkably good shape, and still producing fruit. Ronald & Alice decided to purchase the land and began producing olive oil from those heritage trees the next year. 

Over nearly twenty years, Ronald & Alice tended to their groves of olive trees, and produced world class extra virgin olive oils for many to enjoy. All the while Ronald also taught his son Philip J.P. Asquith the details of the operation, so that eventually he could take over from his Dad. Philip was part of the annual harvest & milling team from the very beginning, and grew up with Ojai and farming as a big part of his life, so when the time came to take over operations, the transition was smooth. Today Philip manages Ojai Olive Oil much the way his farther did, and the family farm continues to grow. We plant more olive trees every year, and new programs to cooperatively farm olives on properties in the region have both expanded our production capacity and improved the sustainability of our operation. It is our hope that we can continue making the very best extra virgin olive oils possible for many generations to come.

Informative tours about award winning olive oil production and complimentary tastings run from 10am - 4pm, with the last tour starting around 3pm




1811 Ladera Rd

Ojai, CA 93023


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