The Abundant Table at Mcgrath family farms

We are so excited to participate in this year’s Farm Day celebrations and can confirm that Shrimp VS Chef food truck will be cooking up produce straight from the field, and that organic brews from Leashless Brewery will be available for purchase at the farm. Visitors can join us for a day of food, games, live music, and fun while taking one of our farm tours that are scheduled every hour from 11am-2pm. Also, our organic farm store will be open and selling fresh, local produce all day! 

We are a cooperative group of farmers working together to provide the best organic produce available. 

McGrath Family Farm
Farming on the coast of Southern California for 5 generations is the finest blessing this Irish American farm family could ever hope for- the deepest topsoil and the best climate produces a utopian garden farm. We are a sustainable farm that grows a high diversity of year-round organic fruits and vegetables for our community. While we have been farming since 1864 we have had to evolve and transition our practices. Our direct marketing operation has been organic since 1995. We have a roadside market open seven days a week that also has a U-pick operation March through July. We also offer a CSA which creates a direct relationship between you and our farm – a partnership, if you will. In essence, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to grow exceptionally high quality vegetables, herbs and fruit, and deliver a bountiful portion of it to you every week of the season. Our latest venture is to create an agricultural cooperative, also known as a farmers' co-op, is a cooperative where farmers pool their resources in certain areas of activity. ... Supply cooperatives supply their members with inputs for agricultural production, including seeds, fertilizers, fuel, and machinery services. We at McGrath are seeking to empower migrant farmworkers and improve their wages and working conditions by encouraging them to be our farmers. The Farmer we know. We are also working with some wonderful collaborates such as The Abundant Table and Baby Root Farm whom I have highlighted below.

The Abundant Table is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that seeks to change lives and systems by creating sustainable relationships to the land and local community. Our 5-acre farm in Camarillo, CA is the land that supports our farm-to-school, agricultural and nutrition education, youth development and faith-rooted initiatives. Proceeds from our community supported agriculture (CSA) vegetable sales support this valued community work. We invite you to join in The Abundant Table’s mission and connect land, spirituality and community.

Baby Root Farm
We are a half-acre boutique farm growing “roots shoots and froots” for our farm Cooperative and local markets. We also grow California native plants and have giant aspirations to grow the next of group of regenerative farmers. We define regenerative farming as a system of agriculture in which the more food we produce the measurably better we become environmentally, socially, economically and educationally. Our Educational farm programs ensure that our collective mission will carry on to the next generation.

Carranza Family Flowers

Family is at the heart of our business, and we are fortunate to spend our days working with a terrific team that shares our vision of bringing more beauty into the world.
We care deeply about the environment and are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature. On our farm, we use only organic growing practices and integrate sustainability into every decision we make.

Family Farming is a tradition we hope continues into perpetuity. When you buy from us you strengthen this tradition and hope.



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