Chivas Goat Milk Skin Care

Chivas will be at Otto & Sons Nursery

We handcraft goat milk soaps on our southern california family farm with fresh goat milk, all-natural essential oils, fair trade shea butter and lots of love.

Raising our French Alpine goats and milking them twice a day is so worth the effort because their rich and nutritious goat milk is what makes our soap so moisturizing, nourishing and gentle.  Each bar of soap is great for your face, body and hands and is especially designed for dry or sensitive skin.

Booth 1: Chivas Farmer, Donna will conduct small soap making demos.

Booth 2: Animal pen with two small goats.

Booth 3: Skin care products available for purchase.

 Chicken and ducks coop - available for viewing.



1835 E Guiberson Rd

Fillmore, CA 93015


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